How Ride Sharing Works

Ride Sharing

  1. Create an account either using your Facebook log in information or create a new account on our site.
  2. Invite friends to join you on
  3. Search for ride share or create your own carpool.
  4. Send invitations to your friends to share your ride with you.
  5. In the process of creating a ride, you can either make that ride public for all of the members of the or Private just for your friends by invitation only. You choose.
  6. You will get a reminder 48 hours prior to your ride commencing and also 24 hours before the ride so that you can make your arrangements with your group.
  7. If you create a ride, than you are considered the driver for that ride and if you send a request to share a ride, than you are considered a passenger.
  8. You can upload a photo for your ride and also upload photos of your road trip.
  9. Thats pretty much it.