Thank you for visiting PickMeOn.com. We have compiled a list of questions that should help to answer some of the questions you might have about our site. If you think of a question that is not here, please email us through our Contact Us page and we will take your questions into consideration.

1. What is PickMeOn.com?

PickMeOn.com is a social networking site for creating and sharing rides with friends, colleauges, neigbours and friends of friends. We provide the platform for individuals to save on gas, wear and tear of their vehicles and to make sharing rides easy.

2. How does it work?

As a non-registered member of our site, individuals can search for rides and be able to view the following information about the rides such as Departure, Destination, Date and Time, Ride Type, Category, Seats Available and Vehicle type. They cannot register for the ride or see who is the creator (Driver) for the given ride.  In order to share a ride, users will have to register using either their Facebook log-in credentials or create a new log-in at PickMeOn.com. More detail provided in our How does it work page.

3. Do I have to join?

Yes, if you would like to share a ride or create a ride. Registration is not required to view the public pages.

4. Is there a cost to use PickMeOn.com?

Absolutely not. It is completely free. You may be asked by the driver of a ride to share in the cost of fuel, however we do not have any control or influence over that matter.

5. How does it work with Facebook?

If users register using their Facebook credentials, we will just get you basic log-in information from Facebook. As a registered user of PickMeOn.com you can share you ride on your Facebook wall so that your other friends can see your ride and share it with you.

6. Is my profile page public?

If you make it to be public. As a registered user, it is up to you to make any part of it public or private.

7. How does a Public Ride?

When a registered user creates a public ride, all of the registered members of the PickMeOn.com can request to share the ride if it matches their criteria. The driver can still decide to share the ride or not.

8. How does a Private Ride work?

Private ride is visible by the registered members of PickMeOn.com, however it can be only shared by invitation from the driver.

9. Can I change/edit/delete my rides?

As a creator of a ride, all of the information about the ride can be change and deleted as well.

10. Can I invite my Facebook friends?

Absolutely YES! It is encouraged.