About PickMeOn

Savvy commuters know smart ways to get around and save money.

PickMeOn.com is your resource for ride share, carpool and commuting options with friends on the web.

PickMeOn.com is a convenient and easy to use social networking site for the traveling public. PickMeOn.com hopes to help reduce fuel costs, wear and tear on your vehicles by making ride sharing a hassle-free way of achieving those goals.

Whether you are going to a concert, need a ride with a college friend back to your town, or just to be dropped off at an airport, PickMeOn.com allows you to post your ride and let your friends know that you are in need of a ride or are able to give a ride. By sharing the ride, you can share the cost of the trip, enjoy the company of your friend and make your trip go by faster and safer.